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Researching members of the LDS Church

If your ancestors came to the US with the assistance of the LDS church, they will probably not be in the Emigration Archive database, but there are many other resources which can be used to research them, and they are listed below.

Tracing Scandinavian Latter-day Saints-- links to a downloadable book in .pdf form detailing resources for LDS research.
Utah Digital Newspapers-- many of Utah's newspapers from the nineteenth century have been scanned and are online here.
Tracing LDS Families-- a list of resources written by the LDS Family History Library professionals.
Daughters of the Utah Pioneers-- At this site, click on "History Department", then "History Card Index" to find out if the DUP has a copy of a history of your ancestor. Also click on "Photo Department" and search there for photos of your ancestors. Only for emigrants who arrived before the Transcontinental Railroad was finished May 10, 1869.
Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel-- a searchable database of pioneers who arrived in Utah by 1868. If you don't find your ancestor here, and you have information about how they traveled to Utah, you can submit that information.
Western States Marriage Index-- A searchable database with many marriages in the western United States.
Journal of the Forsgren Company-- tells the story of a Scandinavian Emigrant company in 1852-53-- gives a good idea of the general LDS emigrant experience.
Scandinavian Voyage Narratives
-- Links to narratives by several Scandinavian Mormons who emigrated to Utah.
Utah Historical Research Center-- links to information about the Utah State Historical Society, and a burial database for Utah.
Utah Death Certificates-- scanned and online, free, from 1905-1955.

The Scandinavian Mission Index is on microfiche. Unfortunately it is available only in the Salt Lake City Family History Library and at some larger Family History Centers. It is an index to most of the ward records from the Scandinavian Mission in the 19th century and will help you find where your ancestors were baptized, and can help you find their birthplaces. (FHL catalog entry)

The Early Church Information File is available on microfilm and can circulate to local Family History Centers. It is an index to many records from early pioneer times to the mid-20th century. It's an index only, meaning it will tell you what records your ancestor is named in, and then you'll need to find those records. (FHL catalog entry)

Also, many emigrating LDS Danes were not listed on the regular LDS emigration records. They were only listed in "Emigration from the Scandinavian Mission" film which is available at Aurelia Clemons' site.

Danish Immigration and Life in Utah

Utah South Area Family History Training-- if you live near Provo, there are many family history classes you can take.
Salt Lake City Family History Library-- has many family history classes. Schedule is online.

The photo at the top of the page is of Ane Margrethe Baltzarsdatter and Søren Pedersen, who emigrated to the US in 1863 with an LDS emigration company, and settled in Richville, Morgan county, Utah. The photo was taken in 1865.

Mormon Elders

This painting is by Christian Dalsgaard and called " Mormoner på besøg hos en tømrer på landet" (Mormon Elders visit a country carpenter). It was painted in 1856.


Photo above is part of ruined castle at Kalo near Aarhus Denmark.

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