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Travel in Denmark:

Visit Denmark-- Denmark's official tourist information site.
Denmark's Royal Palaces-- official residences of the royal family. Visitor information included on the page for each palace.
Dansk Auto Rent-- if you have a permanent address outside Denmark, you can rent a car free from Danish taxes from this company.
What's that clock on the windshield for? A travel tips post from the Rootsweb Denmark list. Follow the thread along using the links at the bottom of the post.
Driving in Denmark is not difficult, but it's still probably good to familiarize yourself with the rules.

Two place of special interest to family historians:

Den Gamle By-- of interest to family historians because it is a recreation of an old market town. (In Aarhus)
The Open Air Museum-- also of special interest to family historians because it has 50 farms, house and mills from the period 1650-1950, most with furnishings and tools.(In Lyngby, just north of Copenhagen.) Part of the National Museum.
John Vedsegaard's homepage of photos from the Open Air Museum. Click on "Indhold" down at the bottom of the page, then, click on the links to see the various buildings.

More travel links are posted on the individual county pages, which can be reached through the Regional Resources page.

Danish Culture:

The Danish Embassy in Washington-- Many links to information about Denmark's history, geography and culture. In English.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark-- Partly the same as the embassy site, but this link takes you to information about moving to Denmark, travel, etc.
Danish Immigrant Museum-- in Elk Horn, Iowa. The site has a great deal of information about Danish history and cluture, and also has a genealogy library, which includes records from the Danish Brotherhood-- if your ancestor was a member, you might find information about him there.
The Danish Monarchy-- their official site.
The Crown Prince and Princess-- their official site.
Danish Folk Costumes-- this site is in Danish, but worth the effort. F. C. Lund painted people of Denmark in their local dress. The links down the left side are names of areas in Denmark, and will take to the painting from that area. At the bottom of the list, you'll see the word OVERSIGTSKORT. Click there to see a map showing where the paintings are from. For better image quality, you can download them in .pdf form
Danish paper doll, with seven clothing changes, from about 1910.
Stories from rural Denmark-- all in Danish.
Kalkmalerier in Denmark-- Photos of many frescoes in Danish churches. Select English from the first pull-down menu.
Images of old Danish Military Uniforms-- From the New York Public Library. Not much information, just the images.
Danish dialects
-- Hear how your ancestors sounded.

The white daisy that you see at the top of each page is the Marguerite, official flower of Denmark.

Movies set in 19th century Denmark"
Babette's Feast
Pelle the Conqueror

Photos on this page are from First is the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen Harbor, then a field ready to harvest somewhere in Denmark, and then the windmill in Solvang, California's Denmark-inspired tourist town.


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