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Maribo was the name for a very rural county in the south east of Denmark. Before the 1970 amalgamation of the traditional counties it consisted of Lolland, Falster and some smaller islands, Fejø, Femø and Askø in the bay north of Lolland. After 1970 this part of Denmark was part of Storstrøms Amt. It's a very flat part of Denmark, so flat that other Danes say this about Lollanders:

"Det var fandens til bjerg, sagde lolliken, han faldt over en kolort":
(That was a hell of a mountain said the Lollander, as he fell over a Cow Paddy)

Map showing old Danish counties (Amt)

Map showing parish outlines within Maribo


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Østofte church

Above left, a married woman from Falster. Bottom photo, the church in Østofte, by Paula Goodfellow 2004

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