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Bornholm, with a population about 45,000, is 588km² (227 sq miles) in area. Bornholm is about 150 km (95 miles) east south-east of Copenhagen, but only about 40km (25 miles) south of Sweden - in fact Sweden lies between Copenhagen and Bornholm. The fastest sea - land route to Copenhagen is by a rapid ferry to Sweden - across southern Sweden by road, then cross Øresund (the sound between Sweden and Denmark via the new Øresund bridge) -- or one can fly. The Sagas have it that when the Gods had finished creating Scandinavia, they decided to create a mini version. They took the mountains of Norway, the forests and woods of Sweden and the wide sandy beaches Northwest Jylland (Jutland) and added beautiful rolling farmlands, green lush meadows, bubbling creeks and brooks and called it Borgundarholm - now Bornholm, the "Pearl of the Baltic Sea" or the "Sunshine Island". And the industrious Bornholmers added farms, villages, charming fishing hamlets and modern towns such as Rønne and Nexø with good deep harbours. Bornholm is a manufacturing island, an agricultural island - and now a busy and popular tourist island. (text by the late Cai Andersen, long-time Denmark List member and native Bornholmer)
Map showing old Danish counties (Amt)
Map showing parish boundaries of Bornholm

Nyker Round Church

Family History Links:

Bornholm parish records-- many transcribed in this searchable database. The transcriptions here cover until 1813-1815 depending on the parish. Under the pulldown menu choose the sogn (parish), you wish to search, then the type of event you wish to search. (You can select "alle" which will give you all parishes and events, but that might turn out to give you more results that you can handle. Then enter the "Fornavn", forename, and "Efternavn", last name, and that is probably enough for your search. Remember to use Danish characters where appropriate. You can also use _ to replace a single latter in the name, or % for several letters if you think there might be alternate spellings. For example, entering Chr_sten will find both Christen and Chresten.
Gary Horlacher's site about Bornholm Genealogy
Bornholm Genealogy and Local History Society-- a must for any Bornholm ancestor researches -- it gives everything - names of ALL the farms on Bornhom - the parishes - individual maps etc. etc. Check out the links to the left.

Travel sites and photos:
Bornholm entry at wikipedia - - in English does give you a good idea of what Bornholm is like today, as the "Pearl of the Sea"-as well as its history.
Bornholm Tourism Guide (Page loads slowly)
Another great tourism site for Bornholm
Medieval churches on Bornholm
Europe for Visitors-- Bornholm
What to see on Bornholm
Bornholm's Middle Ages Center
Pictures of Denmark-- Bornholm
Visit Denmark-- Bornholm recommendations

Danish Food

Bornholm's flag

The top image on this page is of a married woman from Bornholm, one of a series of paintings of traditional Danish folk dress done by F. C. Lund. Used by permission from Dansk Nationaldragter. Below that are the medieval fortress at Hammerhus, a dinner on Bornholm--one plate is Røget Sild (smoked herring) served as a snack with potato salad - the other with rugbrød (pumpernickle style bread), and the round church at Nyker. At the bottom of the page is the unofficial flag of Bornholm.

The photo above is from The lighthouse is the Rubjerg lighthouse. For more photos of Danish lighthouses, go to


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