Den Gamle By


Aarhus is the name of the second largest city in Denmark, and also the name of an Amt (county). Aarhus can also be spelled Århus. You'll find Å at the end of alphabetical lists in Danish.
Map showing old Danish counties (Amt)
Map showing parish outlines for Aarhus

Aarhus Family History Resources:
Marriage Database 1760-1870. Please note, this does not cover all parishes in Aarhus.
Aarhus Censuses 1787, 1801, 1834, 1845, 1860. Covers some parishes and years which are not at the Danish Archive site yet.
Aarhus Borgerbog 1750-1862. Index to trade licenses issued in Aarhus
Hads and Ning Herreds church books transcribed-- clickable map of available parishes
Framlev and Hjelmslev Herreds church books transcribed -- clickable map of available parishes
Probate index-- several herreds in Aarhus Amt-- names of heirs are transcribed here. (Page loads slowly)

Major sights in Aarhus:
Aarhus Domkirke (Cathedral)-- even if the Danish is hard to understand, try the different links to get a good look at the building.
Den Gamle By --Open air museum of an old market town in Denmark
Marselisborg Palace-- only the grounds and the rose garden are open to the public, and only if the Queen is not in residence.

The photo on this page is from istockphoto.com, and is of Den Gamle By.


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